Good day Peeps and welcome to the latest blog about Hillmorton locks. We've had a couple of interesting days since the last blog and I am pleased to report that as well as being the BUSIEST LOCKS in the country we are now award winning locks after winning a GOLD AWARD in the Community section of Rugby in Bloom. A big well done to everyone involved.

We have also entered into a water saving mode and are currently having to use just one lock in each pair and are locking the flight overnight. Most of our boaters are understanding and accept the delays but we do get the odd one or two who can't see the point. Ah well it wouldn't do for us to be all the same would it.

An incident occurred on Friday where a single handed boater slipped and fell into lock five sustaining a serious shoulder injury. He was recovered from the lock by volley Taryn with the assistance of two other lady boaters. The various emergency services were called and whilst we were waiting emergency first aid was administered by volley Kev until the ambulance arrived. The gentleman',s boat was moved to a safe place by another of the volunteers. However as the casualty had been recovered to the island between the twin locks, we had to get the assistance of the next boat into the lock to allow the stretcher to be passed over the bow of the boat, this required some juggling with the top and bottom paddles to get the level just right. The casualty was taken off to hospital and we are awaiting news of his condition.

On a much brighter note Friday was also our Macmillan coffee morning. This is something we have done for the last three years in memory of a very special friend. This was the opportunity for the lock keepers (and their wives) to show off there baking skills and once again they all stepped up to the plate. Any boater or towpath user coming through would have been mesmerized by the number of lock keepers on site. I wonder what the collective noun for a group of lock keepers is. Answers can be left at Hillmorton scribbled on the back of a fiver. After a very hectic day I am pleased to announce that thanks to our generous boaters and walkers we raised a magnificent sum of five hundred and fifty five pounds. THANK YOU.


Once again thank you every one who contribute to making our most successful Macmillan day so far Roll on next year.

See you next time Peeps.

The man with the golden windlass

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