Welcome back peeps to a new fun packed season of frivolity at Hillmorton locks (still the busiest locks in the country)(( I know it's not a competition)). Your Volunteer Lock Keepers have just started back for 2019 at Hillmorton locks. So what's new for this season. Well we have a couple of new VLK's who will be introduced over the next few weeks once they have completed their safety training.

We have a new picnic bench, this one dedicated to one of our colleagues who sadly passed away last year, Ted Pallot.

We also have our new and improved book swap facility, new and improved thanks to volly Kevin.

Also our new and improved Herb garden thanks to volly's Jane and Taryn The Alan Titchmarsh and Charlie Dimmock of Hillmorton (you can fight who's who between yourselves). Also on the Herb garden you will see our new sign thanks to volly yours truly.

Those of you of a dictionarial persuassion may, mistakenly, think there may be an error in some of the words. This is not so as these ERBS are BEDUTH HERBS.

However with our new sign I feel a little note should be added. Whilst the sign say's ELP UR SELF this should be taken to mean helping yourself to a few leaves to enhance your cullinary skills not taken to mean help yurself to the entire plant which, regretably, occured recently. Enjoy

Other nes is that after holding our winter compettition for the design and construction of a bird box, volly Vinny was declared the winner and rightly so, the birds des res have been painlessly attached to trees on the sight. A Blue Tit was seen doing a viewing but as off yet does not appear to have taken up residence. I think we may need to contact Purple Bricks.

The first set of ducklings have appeared but out of the five originally as of Friday there were only four left. Lots of boaters already with a lot of first timers this weekend. Lets hope we have another busy season with no incidents and plenty of water which is running a bit short at the moment.

Well peeps thats about it for this week, just be aware if you are passing through the locks on your boat that we have a work boat just outside the top lock carrying out bank repairs.

Don't forget if you are passing through the locks either on a boat or on foot, stop and have a chat with the lockie and bear in mid the two on Friday's like cakes.

The Golden Windlass.

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