Well that's it peeps, the first month of 2019 is over and already we are over 1000 boats. This was thanks in part to a very busy Easter weekend when Friday and Saturday alone saw over150 boats.

The construction crew have successfully repaired the large hole in the bank above the top lock plus a few running repairs. We have at the moment a couple of paddles out of action but the locks are still operable, and hopefully we can get these repaired as the season proresses.

Other news, our herbs are flourishing in our ELP URSELF ERB garden especially the parsley so please don't forget to help your self.

As some of you may be aware last year Fridays turned into Bake Off Friday with the lockies vieing with each other with their super bakes. This year, so far, Friday has now turned into Microwave Friday with a certain member of the team, namely moi, attempting to persuade the other lockies that you can produce substantial and sustaining meals using the microwave. This all started when a gentleman on twitter by the name of #cruisingthecut found a microwaveable cheese burgher and was surprised at how suprisingly good it was. This prompted yours truly to point out to him gow the same firm did a suprieingly good breakfast sausage muffin.

This then prompted one of our lockies, me again, to wonder what else you can get in the microwaveable variety. Laat week with the help of Volly Vinny, and in the inerest of science, I tried the microwaveable All Day Breakfast. YUM YUM.

There it is folks and as I tell the doubting lockies, don't knock it till you've tried it. What will we come up with next.

See you next time peeps and don't forget to come and see us at Hillmorton and if you're boating through remember to save water..

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I have been a volunteer Lock Keeper with the Canal and River Trust for over 5 years now giving out advice where I think it's needed, whether it's taken or not is up to the recipients, and helping when required, again this help is not mandatory. Working at Hillmorton throughout the summer and then Watford through the winter just to keep my hand in. When Im not working on locks you can find me up and down the canal network on my very own 47 foot narrowboat.

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